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Acquiring a contact list serves as the first step, and the most essential requisite in any marketing campaign. In order to optimize your lead generation opportunities, this database needs to be updated regularly to remain both accurate and current. There are two primary methods to generate a contact list; in-house or purchase it. Though utilizing one's own resources can produce good results, buying a contact list can be better.

Updating contact lists demands adequate time and resources to successfully accomplish the task. Businesses are focusing on their core competencies and outsourcing functions that can be obtained in either a higher quality and/or at a lower cost.

Like everything in this world, business information undergoes transitions. Companies close and new ones open, locations change and personal contacts change positions or are no longer with the company. Lists have to be accurate. There are many consequences of inaccuracy. For example, thinking of how many emails a day cannot be delivered, just because addresses are incorrect. Imagine telemarketers receiving "Out of service!" or wrong number responses because you provided them with an old list. This now becomes not just an inconvenience and waste of time, but both a financial burden and loss of potential opportunity.

List builders use many sources to gather and corroborate information contained in a contact list. Purchased lists are segmented by industry/market, SIC Code, and location. Businesses can choose the list that will provide them the opportunities in their selected target market and reduce unneccessary cost.

A business cannot grow without a contact list, nor can it be successful if it uses one that is filled with errors.

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