There are alot of tools and resources available to help us in our business. Some have been designed to make tasks easier, and not so time consuming. Sometimes even automating procedures that we repeat frequently, reducing the time that we need to spend on them. Others are used to enhance our interaction with Clients.

The tools that we have available are too numerous to include here on one page, so we have selected some that we think will bring you astounding benefit and value. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please Contact our Support Team who will be happy to assist you. We will continue to add more, so please come back and check often.
Web & Graphics Resources
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Recommended Solutions Tools & Resources
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Don't Want to Do It Yourself ?

Let Our Team Be Your Team

Whether you need assistance with web, accounting, templates, software ...... Let our team provide you with your Personally Created Solution.
What we do?

We have a broad range of services available to assist you with your business.

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Let us help, so you can focus on what you do best .... Provide Quality Service to Your Customers.
Barbara Blackett Consulting
15 - 29 Heritage Drive, Stoney Creek ON L8G 4T4

Located in the Hamilton/Burlington corridor, we have the ability to reach our clientele in all surrounding areas including; Guelph, Toronto etc. Some services are performed remotely.
Contact our Customer Support Team for more details