Recent Projects

At Barbara Blackett Consulting we have had the pleasure to work with a diverse set of companies, providing each with a Solution created around their individual and unique requirements. Below you will find some of our most recently completed Projects.
Universal Health Care
Website Design, Development & SEO
Tru Pro Fitness
Website Design, Development & SEO
The Kitchen Planners
Website Design, Development & SEO
Clean & Simple Janitorial
Website Design, Development & SEO
Air Technology Solutions Canada
Web Design, Development & SEO
Air Purifier Specialist
Web Design, Development & SEO
Wise Work Wear
Website Design, Development & SEO
Hamilton Monogram & Embroidery
Website Design, Development & SEO
MP Computers
Web Design, Development & SEO
Golden Key Marketing - Local Page One Club
Web Design, Development & SEO
Austin Air Canada
Web Design, Development & SEO
Get Savvii
Web Design, Development & SEO
As It Happens Photography
Accounting & Finance Solution
Feyen Consulting
Accounting & Finance Solution
Web Design, Development and SEO are integral components of our every day business. Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, a good website can improve your companies visibility in your industry, while providing convenient access for existing and new clients to your products and services.

Do you need to review your site, improve your visibility or need a web site created ?

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Hungry for Change ?? ~ Photographer Mark Thomas

"Hungry for a Change ??"
Accounting and Finance Solutions

All businesses have a legislated responsibility to maintain financial records. Some companies have extensive requirements to consider, and others needs are simply met. Our team of professionals can assist you with,
• Software Selection ~ Full Support Provided
• Record Maintenance ~ Governmental Filings
• Report Customization ~ Systems Review
• Training

Whether you have questions about your current system, or are starting a new company and need help setting up,
Contact our office for assistance.
Barbara Blackett Consulting
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Located in the Hamilton/Burlington corridor, we have the ability to reach our clientele in all surrounding areas including; Guelph, Toronto etc. Some services are performed remotely.
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